Terms of Use

Art Usage


Videos and songs made with the Laceloid's voices may use any of the artwork created for them or any artwork that is included with the voicebank downloads, so long as proper credit for the image(s) is given to the artist(s) listed and the use is non-commercial.

Under no circumstances is the art to be altered, i.e: Recolours, Removal of waterwarks.

General Usage


Laceloids are a free to use product for the UTAU software, any usage outside of the software unless provided is forbidden (e.g: Cadencii, NiaoNiao.)

"Pitchloids" or any sort of related sound-edits created from any of Laceloid character(s) is strictly forbidden.

R-18 Works


Laceloid UTAU are allowed to be portrayed in songs of a sexual nature, without permission.


R-18  images depicting the Laceloid characters are strictly forbidden, unless permission is given. i.e: Explicit pornography & Gore.

Commercial Works


Continued or large-scale reproduction of a product intended to create profit, i.e. that which would be sold at multiple events or locations, or via online print stores such as Redbubble, deviantART and other print/press websites. In this case, this also includes sales of digital music, i.e. that sold through Bandcamp, iTunes, etc.

Commercial works will be allowed with the purchase of a licence.

Absolutely DO NOT


Laceloid voicebanks and/or characters should NOT be used for obscene, defamatory, libelous, slanderous and/or unlawful content.

Laceloid voicebanks and/or characters should NOT be used for specifically spreading a political or religious message. However, traditional anthems, choruses and chants are perfectly acceptable.

Editing/Altering the Laceloid's in any way and claiming them as your own is strictly forbidden.

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